Q: Why aren’t shipping costs included at checkout?
A: We want to keep costs down by not overcharging you for “hidden” or unnecessary fees. So rather than charging a flat shipping rate for all our products—regardless of weight—we find out the actual cost from our shipping company prior to putting your charges through (you’re welcome!). Payment for all purchases must be made before the products are sent out. Shipping charges are non-refundable.

Q: Do I need a PayPal account to make my payment using PayPal?
A: You don’t. You’ll have the option of making a one-time secure payment using your credit card without having to create an account.

Q: If I have a PayPal account and pay for the books I want, how does the shipping charge get handled?
A: Some of our customers place their order and pay for their purchase before the shipping cost gets added. We appreciate the enthusiasm, but the order can’t be fulfilled until the shipping charges also are paid. In these situations, we’ll send a separate PayPal invoice just for the shipping; once it’s been paid, we’ll send your books to you.

Q: What if I don’t want to use PayPal, but still want to use my credit card—are there other options?
A: We take security very seriously and want to make sure that your credit card information is the safest it can be when purchasing our products. We also want you to be comfortable when buying books from us. If you’d prefer to give your credit card to a person by phone, we’re happy to take payment that way. We can run the sale in real time—almost like swiping your card in person—and can double check to make sure everything is correct (like no possible typos when entering them on a form, which we’ve all done before!).

If you’d rather fax your credit card information, you can do so using our dedicated fax line (734.761.4759). To avoid any delays with processing your order, provide all of this information: your order number, credit card number, expiration date (MM/YY), the three-digit security code and the billing/postal code to which the credit card statements are sent. Both a credit card receipt and paid invoice will be emailed to you for your records.



Q: What are Needham’s plans for e-books? I see that a small number of the CGS books currently are available in this format.

A: Our plan is to carry many titles as electronic books—whether for reading on an iPad, Kindle or as an electronic file to be read on a computer. The older books mostly likely will be available only as files to be read on a computer due to the nature in which they are created. Electronic books will be added to our inventory as they are created, so check back again to see what’s new in this category.

Q: Why are some of the books from the Craniofacial Growth Series (CGS) missing or not available for sale? I want all the books in this series and several aren’t listed on your website.
A: Good question! Over the course of more than 40 years of the Moyers Symposium, which generates the books in this series, some of the volumes have sold out and haven’t been reprinted. So, while it looks like we skipped a few numbers in the series, we didn’t—they’re just sold out, though they may be generated as electronic files soon.

Q: Why isn’t there a CGS volume from 2013? Wasn’t there a symposium that year?
A: Yes, there was a symposium, but the book that was generated that year wasn’t published as part of the Craniofacial Growth Series. Instead, it was published as a textbookCone Beam Computed Tomography In Orthodontics: Indications, Insights and Innovations—through Wiley Publishers.

Q: When does the next monograph in the CGS series become available?
A: The most recent monograph is published and ready for sale at the time of the Moyers Symposium each March.