CGS Volume 29: Biological and Psychological Aspects of Orofacial Pain


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EDITORS: Christian S. Stohler, David S. Carlson
PUBLISHER: The University of Michigan Center for Human Growth and Development, and the Department of Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry (1994)
ISBN: 0-929921-25-9 (NP #7029)
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Book Description

The interrelationships between biological and psychological factors influencing the etiology, progression and treatment of orofacial pain and temporomandibular disorders are considered in a systematic approach. These clinical conditions are best considered relative to a “dual axis system” comprised of a physical diagnosis on one axis, coordinated with the assessment of psychological stress and psychosocial dysfunction on the other. Basic concepts and principles of nociception and pain, of the impact of pain perception on psychological well-being, of the relationship between the perception of pain and motor dysfunction and, finally, of considerations regarding treatment of chronic orofacial pain are considered.


Trigeminal Pain: Nociceptive Pathways and Mechanisms
Barry J. Sessle

Calcium Homeostasis and Neurodegeneration: The Role of Calbindin-D28K: A Potential Neuroprotective Protein
Anthony M. Iacopino

Effects of Noxious Stimulation of the Jaw Muscles on the Sensory Experience of Human Volunteers
Christian S. Stohler and James P. Lund

Effects of Pain on Muscular Activity in Temporomandibular Disorders and Related Conditions
James P. Lund and Christian S. Stohler

Behavioral, Emotional and Social Aspects of Orofacial Pain
Samuel F. Dworkin

The Challenge of Measuring the Efficacy of Treatment of Chronic Trigeminal Myofascial Pain
Jocelyne S. Feine and Gilles J. Lavigne

Psychological Management of the Orofacial Pain Patient
John D. Rugh and Lars Dahlström

Complex Orofacial Pain: A Consensus Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
Glenn T. Clark and Phyllis Browne

Temporomandibular Disorders: Past, Present and Future
Charles G. Widmer

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