CGS Volume 43: Digital Radiography and Three-Dimensional Imaging


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EDITORS: James A. McNamara, Jr., Sunil D. Kapila
PUBLISHER: The University of Michigan Center for Human Growth and Development, and the Department of Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry (2006)
ISBN: 0-929921-39-9 (NP #7043)
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Most orthodontic practitioners are facing or will face the challenge of “going digital,” choosing film or pixels, indirect or direct radiography, and 3D imaging with cone-beam technology. There are many questions of prime interest to clinicians with respect to digital radiography. Digital or not–on what basis do I make the decision? Is radiation exposure really less for the patient if I go digital? Are digital images as useful as film images in diagnosis and treatment planning or in seeing what happened when treatment does not go as I expect? Can I integrate digital images into my existing imaging programs? How much will it cost? What types of hassles will I encounter if and when I make the switch to digital? Does 3D imaging offer advantages over 2D imaging in all or only specific cases? What is the potential for integration and acceptance of 3D imaging in clinical practice? These and other such questions were addressed during the 32nd annual Moyers Symposium.


Three-dimensional Digital Imaging
David C. Hatcher

The Radiology Question: Film, Indirect, Direct or Cone Beam?
Robert P. Scholz

Digital Radiography: Who’s in Charge?
Sharon L. Brooks

Dental Applications for Cone-beam Computed Tomography
David P. Sarment

The Cone-beam Decision in Orthodontics
James K. Mah, John Huang and Axel Bumann

A Report on the Use of CBCT within a Graduate Orthodontic Program
Joseph M. Caruso

Superimposition of 3D Cone-beam CT Models of Orthognathic Surgery Patients
Lucia H.S. Cevidanes, Ceib Phillips, J.F. Camilla Tulloch and William R. Proffit

Creating Practical Tools for Examining and Measuring Three-dimensional Volumetric Data
Chester H. Wang

The Human Face as a 3D Model for Cephalometric Analysis
Jacques Treil, B. Waysenson, J. Braga, J. Casteigt

3D Orthodontic Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
William E. Harrell, Jr.

Application of 3-Dimensional Soft Tissue Imaging in Orthodontics
Chung How Kau, Stephen Richmond, Alexei Zhurov

Application of Computer-assisted Archwire Fabrication in a Private Practice Setting
Ronald J. Snyder

Security and Authenticity of Digital Imaging for Orthodontic Records
Budi Kusnoto and Yunqing Pan

Reliability of Digital Imaging Systems in Orthodontics
Nayra Grau

The Identification of Early Predictors of Maxillary Canine Impaction through 3D Cephalometrics
Tiziano Baccetti and Lorenzo Franchi

Bolton Standards of Dentofacial Development Growth: Past, Present and Future
J. Martin Palomo, K. Subramanyan, B. Holly Broadbent, Jr. and Mark G. Hans

Evaluating the Economics of Digital Panoramic Radiology
John Smithson and Michael Augins

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