CGS Volume 47: Surgical Enhancement of Orthodontic Treatment


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EDITORS: James A. McNamara, Jr., Sunil D. Kapila
PUBLISHER: The University of Michigan Center for Human Growth and Development, and the Department of Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry (2010)
ISBN: 0-929921-43-7 (NP #7047)
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The development of more sophisticated technology and the refinement of surgical techniques have led to an ever increasing array of surgical protocols that can be used to enhance orthodontic treatment outcomes. Such technologies include the use of the diode laser by the orthodontist for re-contouring the gingival and mucosal soft tissue to more extensive interventions such as guided tissue and bone regeneration and the sinus lift prior to implant placement provided by other specialty disciplines. Similarly, facial plastic and reconstructive surgery has shown a development of surgical and non-surgical protocols for improving the soft and hard tissues of the face, both of the routine orthodontic patient and of those individuals with major facial imbalances. A final type of patient, the severity of whose breathing problem now is being addressed more aggressively both surgically and non-surgically, is the obstructive sleep apnea sufferer.


Augmenting and Improving Esthetics through Surgical Intervention
David M. Sarver

Surgical Management of the Facial Soft and Hard Tissues to Enhance Facial Esthetics
Louis E. Costa II

Computer-assisted Craniomaxillofacial Surgery
Sean P. Edwards

Laser Sharp Orthodontics
John. J. Graeber

Treatment Resolutions for Periodontally Compromised Mandibular Molars
Myron Nevins and David M. Kim

Mucogingival Interceptive Surgery of Bucally Erupted Premolars in Patients Scheduled for Orthodontic Treatment
Tiziano Baccetti, Pierpaolo Cortellini, Andrea Vangelisti and Giovanpaolo Pini Prato

Orthodontic Treatment Options for Periodonally Compromised Patients
Roger Wise and David M. Kim

The Orthodontist’s Role in Dental Implant Site Maintenance and Development
Chester S. Handelman, Yana Nedetsky, Nolen Levine

The Airway: Assessment of the Patient with Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Stephen A. Schendel

The Face of Obstructive Sleep Apnea
R. Scott Conley

Evaluation of Finishing and Surgical Enhancement Procedures in Orthodontic Patients Relative to Changes Due to Aging: A Review
Veronica Giuntini, Tiziano Baccetti, Lauren M. Sigler and Lorenzo Franchi

The Importance of Analyzing Specific Genetic Factors in Facial Growth for Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
James K. Hartsfield, Jr., Jing Zhou and Song Chen

Effects of Surgical Tongue Volume Reduction: Outcome Measures on Function and Growth
Zi-Jun Liu

Recent Insights into Tooth Eruption and Future Prospects for Treating Unerupted Teeth
David A. Covell, Jr.

Surgically Enhancing the Speed of Tooth Movement: Can We Alter the Biology?
Flavio Uribe, Carlos Villegas and Ravindra Nanda

Clinical Applications of Therapeutic Ultrasound in Craniofacial Repair and Replacement
Tarek El-Bialy

White-spot Lesions in Orthodontics: A Drawback of the Specialty
Airton O. Arruda, Scott M. Behnan, Amy E. Richter, Mathilde C. Peters, Woosung Sohn and Carlos González-Cabezas

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