CGS Volume 50: The 40th Moyers Symposium: Looking Back … Looking Forward


EDITOR: James A. McNamara, Jr.
PUBLISHER: The University of Michigan Center for Human Growth and Development, and the Department of Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry (2014)
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The Moyers Symposium, which began in 1974, honors Robert E. Moyers, the former Chair of the Department of Orthodontics and the Founding Director of the Center for Human Growth and Development at The University of Michigan. To celebrate the 40th anniversary, the Symposium organizers selected some of the most outstanding speakers from previous Symposia to return to Ann Arbor for this special event.

Forty years in a long time. Where have we been and where are we going as a specialty? What questions have been answered, what questions have eluded answers; what innovations are on the horizon? These and other issues were discussed during this unique event and are addressed in this volume. Of all the Symposium volumes, this book is by far one of the most outstanding, if not the best one, considering the quality of the speakers and the breadth of the topics covered.


17th Annual Robert E. Moyers Memorial Lecture: Reflections on the Moyers Symposium: A Living History of Contemporary Orthodontics and Craniofacial Biology
James A. McNamara, Jr.

Evolution of Adult Orthodontics: The Importance of a Realistic Approach
Vincent G. Kokich

Orthodontic Diagnosis and Treatment from the Outside In
David M. Sarver

Longitudinal Growth Studies: Comments on the Benefits and Risks
Rolf G. Behrents

Skeletal Anchorage: Its Possible Impact on Orthognathic Surgery
William R. Proffit, Nicole R. Scheffler and G. Gibson McCall

Periodontal Screening: Practical Protocols for the Orthodontist
Lee W. Graber

On the Vanishing Need for M.D. Randomized Trialists at Moyers Symposia
David L. Sackett

Development of the Human Dentition: A Life’s Work
Frans P.G.M. van der Linden

Toward a Modern Synthesis for Craniofacial Biology: A Genomic-Epigenomic Basis for Dentofacial Orthopedic Treatment
David S. Carlson

Orthopedic Changes by Bone-anchored Intermaxillary Elastic Traction in Class III Growing Patients
Hugo De Clerck and Hilde Timmerman

Clinical Alterations of Mandibular Growth: What We Know After 40 Years
Lorenzo Franchi, Luca Contardo, Jasmina Primožič, Giuseppe Perinetti

Treatment Timing of Herbst Appliance Therapy
Hans Pancherz

Contemporary Management of Craniofacial Anomalies: Will Past Experiences Influence and Predict the Future?
Katherine W.L. Vig and Ana M. Mercado

FGF Signaling in Craniofacial Skeletal Development and the Pathogenesis of Craniosynostosis
Nan Hatch

Envoi: The Moyers Symposium, A Miner’s Canary for 21st Century Orthodontics
Lysle E. Johnston, Jr.

Anti-resorptive and Bone Anabolic Agents for Periodontal Therapy
Andrei D. Taut, Riley A. Schaff, Min Oh and William V. Giannobile

The Future of Technology in the Orthodontic Practice: Looking Back … Looking Forward
Chester H. Wang and Lisa Randazzo

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