CGS Volume 51: Expedited Orthodontics: Improving the Efficiency of Orthodontic Treatment through Novel Technologies


EDITORS: Sunil D. Kapila, Jeanne Nervina, Nan Hatch
PUBLISHER: The University of Michigan Center for Human Growth and Development, and the Department of Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry (2015)
ISBN: 0-929921-47-x (NP #7051)
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For more than 100 years, orthodontists have strived to identify and utilize methods to expedite orthodontic treatment. Most of the current approaches aimed at achieving this goal rely primarily on physical or surgical techniques and mechanical devices that recently have gained prominence in the field. However, there is limited cohesive, comprehensive and objective information on the efficacy of many of these approaches for expediting orthodontic treatment. Furthermore, the use of novel technologies and biomedicine in efficient delivery of orthodontic treatment has not been realized fully.

The 41st Annual Moyers Symposium and Presymposium provided clinically relevant updates on this intriguing and, in some instances, controversial topic. In this monograph, the authors present historical perspectives, scientific evidence and clinical observations on a range of topics including the contribution of appliance design and physical, surgical and biomedical approaches to expedite orthodontic treatment.

Incorporating TADs and Sound Mechanics for Efficient Orthodontic Treatment
Nandakumar Janakiraman, Flavio Uribe and Ravindra Nanda

Effects of Mechanical Stress and Growth on the Velocity of Human Tooth Movement
Jeffrey C. Nickel, Hongzeng Liu and Laura R. Iwasaki

Are We Any Closer to Understanding the Mechanisms of Expedited Tooth Movement?
Sarandeep Huja

A Critical Appraisal of Surgically Facilitated Orthodontics to Increase the Rate of Tooth Movement
Flavio Uribe and Ravindra Nanda

Accelerated Tooth Movement
Mani Alikhani, Daniel Rosen, Sarah Alansari, Chinapa Sangsuwon, Mona Alikhani and Cristina C. Teixeira

Accelerated Orthodontics: The Path from Corticotomy to Genetics-based Orthodontics
Alejandro Iglesias-Linares

Goal-oriented Treatment Planning with Corticotomy-facilitated Orthodontics
Rebecca Bockow

The Use of Photobiomodulation in Orthodontics: Some Perspectives on an Extraoral Device
Chung How Kau

Ten Years with SureSmile®: Clinical Prospects and Limitation
Ronald L. Snyder

Self-ligating Brackets and Their Effects on Expansion, Torque and Alveolar Bone Morphology
Paolo M. Cattaneo

The Use of Network Meta-analysis in Orthodontics: A Worked Sample Involving Self-ligating Brackets
Nikolaos Pandis, Padhraig S. Fleming, Loukia M. Spineli and Georia Salanti

Three-dimensional Review of Rapid Maxillary Expansion: Long-term Changes in Anchor Teeth and Alveolar Bone
Sercan Akyal├žin, Banu Dincer and Aslihan Ertan Erdinc

Evaluation of Facial Suture Maturation on CBCTs: A Predictor of Maxillary Orthopedic Treatment Response?
Fernanda Angelieri, Lucia H.S. Cevidanes, Lorenzo Franchi and James A. McNamara, Jr.

Biomarkers of Root Resorption: The Challenges and Opportunities
Wellington J. Rody, Jr., Kevin P. McHugh, P. Edward Purdue and Shannon M. Wallet

Computational Chemistry: A New Frontier in Orthodontics
Calogero Dolce and L. Shannon Holliday

Experimental Tooth Movement-induced Glial Activation and Microglial Modulation Can Attenuate Orthodontic Pain
Toru Deguchi

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